General contractorship

TARCON Sp. z o.o. offers complex development of industrial buildings – starting from the concept, through design and implementation, to handing over the development for use. We design and develop halls using steel, reinforced concrete and the mixed technology (using both steel and reinforced concrete). We select and optimise the technical solutions for each construction project, tailoring them to meet the individual needs of the developers.

We design and develop buildings using prefabricated steel and reinforced concrete components, which allows us to achieve:

  • Short delivery dates
  • High quality of components
  • Low costs
  • Lightweight structure

Our company takes over the technical supervision, coordination of works and construction risks while the project is under development. In this way, we can relieve our clients of the necessity to negotiate, verify and supervise many contractors and vendors. We provide all solutions employed in the building with our warranty and guarantee package.

The vendors of materials and the subcontractors for specialised services who take part in the project development process at our request are our proven partners who operate all over Poland.     They offer long-time experience, credentials and financial credibility. They provide us with their services in a timely manner and with high quality.

Our partners carry out the following specialised works:

  • Special purpose foundation of buildings and earthworks
  • Road surfaces
  • Industrial flooring
  • Installation works
  • Finishing works