TARCON Sp. z o.o. offers building design services for various sectors of economy.

The project planning and design stage is essential for the achievement of the objectives. At this stage, our knowledge about the future building is rather limited but there are wide possibilities to determine the final effect. We recommend our Clients to have the design works carried out so as to allow achieving optimised results. The designs intended for obtaining the building permit and the discipline-specific detailed engineering designs are made by our designers. While carrying out the design works, the designers confront their ideas and solutions with the Client's expectations. As we fully control and coordinate the discipline-specific designs, we offer complex design of the building foundations, its structures as well as internal and external systems. We take care to select construction and finishing materials to ensure safety and  good appearance of the buildings.

While designing, we do our best to create modern industrial facilities with an individual identity, harmoniously incorporated into the environment, with an outstanding architectural style.