Our goal is a permanent, sustainable and multi-aspect development which will allow us to build a competitive and well-grounded position of TARCON Sp. z o.o..

Our team wants to achieve this through:

  • Professional attitude
  • Satisfactory quality of services
  • Integrity
  • Satisfying our clients' complex needs in the area of project development
  • Continuous improvement of qualifications
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Care of natural environment 

Vision of Development

We strive to make the brand and image of TARCON synonymous with the "turnkey" development of industrial objects and systems on the general contractorship basis. 

In the forthcoming years, we plan to generate stable annual revenues over PLN 50.000.000 while maintaining satisfactory profitability and safe financial liquidity.

As far as our relations with the project developers are concerned, our goal is to satisfy them and their needs in a thorough and complex way and to maintain partnership-based collaboration while carrying out and then using the project. We want to establish long-lasting ties with our strategic clients and vendors.